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Keep It Down Up There!

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Take back control.

Keep It Down Up There (KIDUT) is a campaign born out of aviation's disregard for the overflown.

We aim to apply indirect pressure on aviation regulatory agencies

by applying direct pressure on the airlines.

To take back control of our skies.


To punish the aviation agencies and airline consortia that have colluded and degraded our quality of life.
We do this by advocating for and promoting a yearlong (extendable) boycott of unnecessary air travel

until current "modernized" flight paths are corrected.


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Aviation "Reboot" Needed

Many of us were once aviation enthusiasts, visiting aviation museums and marveling at the greatness of human flight and a world made accessible through air travel.  Aviation, however, has become an irresponsible part of our society and now needs a reality check.  We have a simple set of demands as we seek to repair aviation's relationship with us.
As important as aviation is to our modern societies, we reject subsidizing its fortunes with our health, sanity and quality of life.

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Street Protest

Unite The Fight

Stronger together: Joining forces with sister organizations to quiet the skies.

Unite The Fight is a section of our website where we link to sister organizations around the world who are fighting air traffic noise resulting from an irresponsible air transport industry.

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Evict The Noisy Neighbor

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Sub-campaigns: Evict The Noisy Neighbor

"Evict The Noisy Neighbor" are localized campaigns that promote shutting down nuisance airports and/or relocating them. 

Noise groups are encouraged to create local campaigns and petitions to apply pressure on the nuisance airports that have tormented them since the introduction of the so-called aviation "modernization" programs.

Get the debate started!  Why not?

We encourage you to launch your own localized “Evict The Noisy Neighbor” campaign or petition.  Share it with us, and we will gladly add a link in the "Evict The Noisy Neighbor" section of our website to help promote your effort.

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We would love to hear from you!

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